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Hi folks,

Hope everybody's doing well. I haven't been on here in what I'd guess is at least a year. Life's been busy and I haven't managed to write much worth sharing. Anyways, I finally just got a cheap mic for the ol iPhone (like five years later), and to try it out I sort of randomly selected some older songs I still had the masters of, and re-recorded the vocals. Turns out it didn't magically improve my music (darn), but it did go a long way in making my vocal tracks understandable (hopefully). Anyway, here's a link to them if anybody's interested in listening. More than open to any feedback. Cheers


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Rhys! Great to see you back here! That mic does give your voice a richer fuller tone. I listened to Go Play Child and All We Are. Couldn't make out more than a couple of words in the second one, a bit more in the first. I love the sound though, especially in the instrumental breaks, and am pleased to discover your creations have not become any less weird. 🙂

I also listened to Left To Say. Couldn't make out a word. Whatever vocal effects you are using muddy your voice.

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Enjoyed Da Listen.Welcome back.


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