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Hello everyone! I am a poet and lyricist who has been writing lyrics professionally for both emerging and established performers since 2007. I have completed hundreds of songs in many various genres and styles. I usually write lyrics for melodies with toplines, but if you don't have music for your future song yet, I can write lyrics for you according to all your wishes about the song's structure. The song can be on any subject.

You can listen to some songs with my lyrics successfully performed by professional artists on Soundcloud, my username is riaaprilavalon. Also, check my creative page on Facebook, the page address is rialyrics. 

For prices and other details contact me via e-mail . Please note that I am not a ghostwriter - even if I give you all the exclusive rights to my lyrics, I retain my right to be credited as the author of the lyrics. 

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Welcome to the Junction, April. Nice to have you here. You will have noticed that it took a little while for your first post to appear. This is because first posts need moderation. It's an anti-spam thing. Future posts should appear straight away, although sometimes the second post also needs moderation - not quite sure why :).

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Welcome aboard.

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