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songwriter sessions

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Songwriting Sessions

If you’re in the process of working out a songwriting timetable for yourself, try to schedule a couple of shorter sessions per day, rather than requiring yourself to work for one long session. Or simply shorten your existing session and take up the task the following day.

Shorter sessions mean:

1 you help to prevent creative frustration from building;

2 you keep your creative mind fresh and energetic;

3 you allow downtime for musical ideas to develop in your creative mind;

5 you prevent boredom;

6 you make it more likely that you will stay focused on your creative tasks for that songwriting session.

The above is a blog written by Professor Gary Ewer
who specialises in The Art Of Songwriting and The Classics

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Solid advice. I usually do a long session and get something about 80% complete. Then let it sit for a day or two and listen to it multiple times. Then a short session to put on finishing touches. Then listen several more times over the next few days and realize it needs more (or less) and I make those changes. Sometimes that process goes on a few more times until it's just right!
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