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Don't Snap At me ~ Looking for music and singer  


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Don't Snap At Me

You can snap your fingers
You can snap your neck.
You can snap your toes
You can snap my picture.
You can snap a cracker
You can snap a stick
Please baby don't snap at me.

You know I love you
And you know I care
You know I need you
Picked some snap dragons just for you
Cause I know they're your favorites

Don't need to snap like a dog
Don't need to show your teeth
Don''t need to get so angry
Don't need to snap your eyes
Cause I might just snap back at you

You can snap down the lid
You can snap your buttons
You can snap your coat
You can snap your fly
You can snap that whip.
But please don't snap at me.

We can play snap
Cause I know it's your favorite game
I'll even get your favorite ginger snaps.
Long as you don't snap at me.

Sometimes I make a snap decision
And don't think like I should
Like the time I snapped your bra
But remember the time
I bought that snap bracelet
That you loved so much

Sometimes we go through a cold snap
Don't need to be like that snapping turtle
Please don't snap at me
There's no reason to be so snappy
Don't snap at me
Cause I might just snap back at you

Baby maybe you should just take a nap

You can snap your purse shut
You can snap green beans
You can snap a rubber band
around your wrist to remember things.

(c) Copyright 2013 Larry Gordon Killam(SOCAN/ASCAP)



Larry G. Killam


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