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12/05/2019 10:46 pm  

I'm just wondering if there's a way to make all media play regardless of what browser is used? I have a windows computer, an apple, a ps4, and an android phone but I wish everything would play on my ps4 just for the convenience.... Is there a way to make the site play all media in its own media window? 

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13/05/2019 8:41 am  

I'm not sure how PS4 works when it comes to browsing. I've never had one. A quick Google search suggests that it's similar to Safari.

Most people post either a SoundCloud or a YouTube link here. They can be played either on the page without leaving the forum or at SoundCloud or YouTube. For SoundCloud on a computer, you click on the SoundCloud logo in the top right hand corner to play the song at SoundCloud.com. On a phone, you are offered the choice of "Listen in Browser' (which will leave you on the page) and "Play on SoundCloud" to play the song in the SoundCloud app. For YouTube, you have to click on the video first to start playing and then click on the YouTube logo in the bottom right to watch it at YouTube.com. I assume these will play in the PS4 browser?

Does this help?


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