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Inside These Prison Walls  


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10/08/2019 10:41 am  
Inside These Prison Walls (Neil Cotton)

Pris'ners are done snoring
One nearly coughed a lung.
The breakfast line is forming
A new long day’s begun
Inside these prison walls
I'm sorry for what I done.

I shoulda stayed in school
But quit in  10th grade
Couldn’t stop believing
Riches were ther to make
Inside these prison walls
We get a buck a day

The money I had dreamt of
Was too much for my skills
Drifted to the dark side
Stole but never killed

I watched the banking action
When no guards guard the door
I knew when the Brinks Truck Came
I struck an hour before
Inside these prison walls
Cause a cam'ra caught my score

Pris'ners are done working
Another day is done
The supper line line is forming
Then poker for some fun
Inside these prison walls
Cause I carried a gun

The shower line is forming
No privacy’s a bitch
Inside these prison walls
I will never be rich

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