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In praise of Spotify - Well, their customer service anyway

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A lot of folks here and elsewhere have some pretty choice things to say about Spotify and the effect that it and other streaming services have on the industry, but my recent experience shows that their customer service is one area in which they are to be congratulated.

I decided to change my name, which is quite a complicated task that you do through your distributor. I eventually got this taken care of but still had the problem of my Artist Profile page under the old name remaining visible on Spotify. So I contacted them, expecting a long wait. Less than a day later, I had an email from a real person explaining that they had done most of what was needed and giving me instructions for the bits I had to do myself. I had more questions and got equally quick, friendly and helpful responses until everything was taken care of, including moving all my statistics and followers to the new name and profile, something my distributor had told me wasn't possible.

This contrasts a little with the service I got from my distributor, Amuse. Customer service there was also helpful, but I had to wait a week for a response to any emails I sent. This was a bit jarring because they omitted one of my tracks from the changeover and I had to wait an extra week for this to be corrected. Replies come pretty much exactly a week after contacting them, which makes me think they might be doing this on purpose as a way to encourage you to sign up for their paid service, which promises quicker responses. I suppose I shouldn't complain about a free service.

Anyway, in this particular area, hats off to Spotify!

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Or, one could be cynical and say "There's our hard earned pennies at work in Spotify's customer service department."  ? 

But I'm not cynical. In fact, I've never had an issue with Spotify. They've always been pretty prompt with their payouts and they send some good quality info out to artists too.