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Is It Wrong To Not Be Practicing 24/7?  


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05/09/2020 9:53 am  

Hey All,


For the past decade, I've spent most days and nights singing and playing guitar, writing, recording, learning, practicing, and so on. There were days where I'd spend 16 hours just playing guitar. Spending sleepless nights studying, learning about the industry, and working at my music from a business standpoint has all taken up my time in more recent years too, reducing the time I have to practice music.


Now that I'm comfortable with my skill level to where I don't feel I need to practice 16 hours a day, I find that when I don't practice as often, I am more effective at pinpointing changes that need to be made to whatever it is I'm working on. It may seem counterintuitive but when I usually take a break of more than 12 hours from music practice, I come back with a refreshed mind and a new perspective on what I'm learning/writing/recording, etc.


Is this a healthy routine and the most efficient and effective for a practicing musician? I would say that I get more out of less practice and I've heard the quality over quantity comparison where it's not how long you practice, but how effective you practice. 


I would love to hear your thoughts, thanks fam.

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05/09/2020 9:51 pm  

Hello Theo, I would be the last person that I would listen to when seeking advice.  With that said, I know from experience when one is happily immersed in their career choice, no level of study, practice, and learning are too much of a price to pay to attain your goals.  It seems you have struck a comfortable balance at this point, and are more precise about quality and excellence, rather that quantity, it is obvious through your music.  Let your talent and hunger to be great tell you what is right and what is wrong.  Don't stop listening to your mentors, continue to put yourself out there, and strive to build relationships, but if something doesn't feel right seek more knowledge.  I hope this helps, good luck and best wishes,

Speak soon

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06/09/2020 9:47 am  

personally i feel that 16 hours a day , is overkill and very unhealthy , and will eventually lead to a burnout , or loss of interest because youre overdoing it . as a songwriter you need downtime , and you also need to get out there and experience life , because thats where the best song ideas come from . if you wanna write great songs , get out there and live , coz i seriously doubt spending 16 hours a day , is gonna result in anything good . from what youve said , it sounds like you are musically proficient , so 2 or 3 hours a day sharpening your tools , would be sufficient in my opinion , you just need to get out there and find inspiration for your songs

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14/12/2020 11:48 am  

Sounds like overkill. there is nothuing wrong with practicing and being proficient in what you do. But is your goal to be the most practiced musician in the world? Probably won't ever achieve that because there's always some young kid that has the energy and no demands from the real world that can practice longer than you can.

So it would come down to what are your overall goals and what are you practicing for? What you do is very personal and no one can give you advice on what you should do, because they are not you. But it sounds like at some point you'd need to put all that practice into practical application. If you are doing that, then you keep doing it. 
It's a constant process, and only you can determine what works for you.


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