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The People Upstairs ~ Looking for singer and music ~ THANKS !!!!!!!!

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The People Upstairs


The people upstairs.

They make so much noise.

And I can't sleep at night.

They keep me awake all night long.

The people upstairs.....

They don't give two hoots.


The people upstairs.

My ceilings leak.

From the people upstairs.

When ever they take a bath.

I'm paying too much for this place.

The dogs upstairs.

Barks all night long.....


The people upstairs.

Play loud music all night long.

The people upstairs.

They don't care in the least.

I'm going to get other here.

As soon as I find another place to stay.

And that will be the end.

To the people upstairs.


(C) Copyright Sept.11 th. 2023

Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN/ASCAP)

Yrral Mallik Publishing



Larry G. Killam