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My Son Asked Me ~ Looking for singer and music ~ !!!!!!!!!

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My Son Asked Me 


My son has lots of questions.......... 

Daddy what’s a penny. 

Daddy what’s a caboose. 

Daddy what’ crack and what does it do. 

I tried to answer him as honest as I could. 


Daddy what’s a rotary phone. 

Daddy what is the ice man  

And what was his job. 

Please tell me daddy..... 

Daddy did they have phones on the wall. 


Daddy did they have prizes in serial when you were a boy. 

Daddy what’s a roller skate key. 

Daddy who is the milk man and what was his job. 

Daddy what’s a subway token. 

Daddy please tell me. 




These are the things my son asked me 


(C) Copyright Jun. 18th. 5 P.M. 

Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN) 

Yrral Mallik Publishing 

Larry G. Killam