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Little Boy ~ Looking for singer and music ~ THANKS !!!!!!!!!

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Little Boy

When I was a little boy......

I asked Jesus in my heart.

I got baptised in the water tank at Church.

My family watched me getting baptise.

I went to Sunday School on Sundays.

I learned about Jesus and God's love.

I listened to the pastor each and every Sunday.


When I was a little boy

My grandmother told me of Jesus.

And all of God's love......

When I was a little boy.

I grew up to be a man.

When I was a little boy.

My Dad and Mom taught me to be polite.


When I was a little boy.

We played Cowboy and indians.

And also cops and robbers.

I played marbles in the school yard.

Just before dust we played kick the can.

And also hide and seek.

When I was a little boy


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Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN/ASCAP)

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Larry G. Killam