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Move Lyrics Library to top of page?

Gary E. Andrews
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I wonder if moving Lyrics Library and Tune Topics to the top of the page would be more effective, so new visitors would see more recent posts. This one, Announcements & Suggestions, has a post I put up one year ago. Someone visiting the old Songwriter101 site said how refreshing it was to visit a site where all the posts were years old.
It would be interesting if a new post could shuffle the thread it was in to the top of the Forums page automatically, keeping recent posts in whatever forum at the top. Less technical would be simply putting the most 'used' Forum at the top, so that's what new visitors see first. I think Collaborate gets frequent use too. Whatever is getting used should be featured at the top. Others, lower, for those who are curious and want to go searching to see what those topics are about.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Gary. I'll look into doing that. When I visit the forum, I always click on Recent Posts to read what is active and current. It would be interesting to know what others do.