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    Hello folks,
    For those that don’t know me, my name is MARC-ALAN BARNETTE, know as “MAB”. I am a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, Tn. for the past 30 years. I have been a recording artist, entertainer for many years before that and as a songwriter, have written for publishing companies, had songs recorded by major label artists, such as Grammy Winner SHELBY LYNNE, country stars, JOHN BERRY, DAVID BALL and FRANKIE BALLARD, had songs used in television movies like WILLIE NELSON, KRIS KRISTOFFERSON’s “ANOTHER PAIR OF ACES” , and experienced most of the ups and downs of the industry a singer/writer can go through.
    For the past twenty years, I have been a consultant, teacher and mentor for writers and artists around the US and Canada, through my workshops and teaching programs, and through my “Songwriter ‘tour’ programs” where people come to Nashville to visit and work with me on their own craft and musical journey. Through that I’ve worked with artists like FRANKIE BALLARD on Warner Brothers and Sony, Megan Lindsey, from THE VOICE, and ALICIA MICHILLI, from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.
    For years I was a member of the BMI songwriting site, SONGWRITER 101, where most of the people here come from. My focus is on songwriting, performing , networking, and the creative side of the business. I strive to help people on their writing, their performing, recording and approaches in helping them find co-writers and understanding elements of the business that have gotten us to where we are today. My goal is to share some personal experience, and suggestions to help them find elements they might not have looked at or thought about before. If I get one “AHA” moment, where someone finds an avenue they didn’t see before, I have achieved my goals.

    Once it gets to a technilogical or social networking state, I might not be able to help as much as that is not my strong points. But I do have relationships with many people who do just that and can share information from them upon things they have done that have been successful or in some ways might not have worked.
    Music is NOT a ONE SIZE FITS ALL equation, and things I might talk about might not fit into your world view or help you in your journey. I can only speak for myself and others that I have observed in a 30 plus year career. But I do know the elements we all face in a world where most music is FREE, and an enormous amounts of artists and songs in the pipeline. To me it comes down to four areas:

    We have to create songs that allow for our creative vision and elevates our craft but we also have to keep in mind our audiences, the people ranging from the basic fans/friends/loved ones ,or the potential ones that might be a part of our future. We have to do things other people like unless we are in it for a purely solo endeavor of therapy or craft.
    We have to have our music in a form that is easily accessable to others. Be it in an audio recorded form, a music video or representation, digital, or performed live, be it in a small setting with others, or a larger scale in venues, auditoriums, clubs, pubs, or stadiums and everything in between.
    We need to have others involved in our journey. Be they co-writers, musicians, producers, assistants, marketing people, social networking, local writers or performer groups, online or in any situation. And most of all, our audiences, which are simply making friends along the way.
    #4. BUSINESS
    Anything that engineers income or a higher standing in the community of yours that will assist you to rise on the musical ladder.

    These are the things I like to talk about and am here for you to read and see if you can find some benefit out of. Thank you to the moderators of this site and people who read along. Hopefully, together, we’ll all learn something, share some information, and be a little better for the exchanges. I welcome your comments and thoughts.

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