Some good advice on the basics of songwriting from Marc Allan Barnette.

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About the author

Marc Allan Barnette is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, Tn. for the past 30 years. He has been a recording artist, entertainer for many years before that. He has written for publishing companies, had songs recorded by major label artists, such as Grammy Winner SHELBY LYNNE, country stars, JOHN BERRY, DAVID BALL and FRANKIE BALLARD, had songs used in television movies like WILLIE NELSON, KRIS KRISTOFFERSON’s “ANOTHER PAIR OF ACES” , and experienced most of the ups and downs of the industry a singer/writer can go through.
For the past twenty years, MAB has been a consultant, teacher and mentor for writers and artists around the US and Canada, through his workshops and teaching programs, and through his “Songwriter ‘tour’ programs” where people come to Nashville to visit and work with him on their own craft and musical journey. Through these tours he has worked with artists like FRANKIE BALLARD on Warner Brothers and Sony, Megan Lindsey, from THE VOICE, and ALICIA MICHILLI, from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.


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    Fantastic video, MAB. Thank you. Something about the way you described good song ideas as “duh” in hindsight really jostled something loose in my brain. I am a people watcher by nature. I love watching people interact, but I rarely apply those observations to my songwriting. Instead, it’s just a thing I like to do. The two activities are not consciously connected. I think I’ll try to be more present in those observations and look for real moments that are singable…and a bit duh. 🙂
    Thank you Junction for featuring Marc’s video. It’s a good one.

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    Thanks Jenny, This is from a series of videos I did for MUSIC STARTS HERE about five years ago. But they still apply. I have dozens and hope Gavin will let me post some more here. Many are also available on my web site, What really helps me is if someone tells me things they are going through that I can pull up one of my videos addressing the subject or I’ll do a new one. Thanks for watching.

  3. OD-OldDog


    Awe Man, this is like sitting in the very same room with MAB and listening to all the good advise he offers. At the time I was in this very same room with MAB, I never took notes because I thought I would remember everything, and it wasn’t until I got home from visiting MAB I realized it was just too much good information for me to soak up at one time. This is a great video and packed with great information for anyone trying to improve their songwriting skills.

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