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I'm watching/listening to this on Youtube, from TAXI, with Joe Brandt, an advisory on 'tagging', the metadata you can add to things on the net to get more search engine hits, I think. I'm fourteen minutes in and I think it may be relevant.
It's an hour and 29 minutes so it takes a bit of time to find out.

Having been born in the time of the dinosaurs I still have a concept of a 'reader' as a person with eyes seeing words on a page.
But computers can go get whatever data you ask them for, searching through billions of words in electronic storage to 'see' and bring it back and show it to you.
That may be why two Songs right next to each other in the Lyric Feedback list get different numbers of views. The computer leads them to one 'title' and they never even see the other one. The right title and other associated wording can make them 'see'.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

On this episode of TAXI TV, expert Joe Brandt, joins us to go over the most common mp3 tag mistakes and how to avoid them! You will learn how good metadata and tagging can help you get more music placements and get more income. It's a very overlooked part in the music business, but it couldn't be MORE important for your success.

Joe is on the show by popular demand, because so many of you couldn't stop raving about his music business class on mp3 tag mistakes and metadata at this year's TAXI Road Rally Convention! So we thought we would dedicate a whole TAXI TV episode to the topic to further your knowledge. We want to set you guys up for success. We try to do as much as we can to help you avoid these common and, often times, silly mistakes along the way.

Don't release your music OR EVEN upload your music until you do these 3 critical things:

- Choose the right title

- Check your levels

- Add the metadata - we cover why it's important and how to do it RIGHT!

Put in the extra few minutes of work after you finish a beautiful piece of music that you believe in. And pay attention to your mp3 tags people!! smile (You'll thank us later when all of your deals start coming in and when music executives can't stop complimenting your attention to detail to make their jobs easier!!!)


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