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Solo vs duo

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There are advantages to having someone perform your songs with you -- vocal harmonies, another instrument, etc. Even better to have a band with several members. If they are high quality musicians, they can quickly learn your songs.

Only problem is, you would have to pay them, or why would they bother? And most of us amateurs don't make any money with our songs so we can't pay other musicians.

I have recently been in a duo with another person. I have over 100 songs, and he has only 5. He is pretty good at guitar and singing, but does not learn my songs easily. I have to write out all the chords, and it can take him weeks to learn one song. We have been doing open mics, but hoping to get small gigs. 

However, I felt I was being unfair to myself, because most of my songs were going unheard. I told him I want to also perform my songs solo sometimes, but he did not like that idea at all. 

So I am thinking about just being solo now unless or until I meet a musician who is more like me -- who writes a lot of songs and learns fast. Then we could learn each other's songs, and help each other sound better, and neither would feel frustrated.

Does anyone here have experiences or opinions on this?



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Polly, have you tried maybe joining a local songwriters' group, like your local NSAI chapter? It might be possible to find such a collaborator there?

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