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i recently heard a song , where the melody in the guitar riff / solo , and the melody in a section of the vocal are exactly the same . i know this happens in a few songs , and i guess i was wondering if theres a technical term for it . just in case anyone is confused by what i mean , here is a song link , with the times of the guitar solo and vocal

vocal melody......0.52-1.27............guitar solo......3.12-3.47

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I think in Theatrical compositions it was called a 'Refrain'. It was a way of reminding the audience of the meaningful words, meaningful in a play, or movie, that were sung to that Melody. Often the Refrain was played at a different tempo, slower, more emotional, a melancholy or lament for the love lost. 

I have counseled guitarists to first play the vocal Melody as they explore solo work. There may be cadence, Melody, notes to match or enhance, that can make a guitar solo more relevant to this particular arrangement. What prompted my counsel was that guitarists typically take off on a solo that is in tune, on key, but barely relevant to this particular Song. Yes, it is in G. Yes you are in G. No you are not enhancing the Song, this Song, this Melody, this cadence and tempo. Relevance. Playing a solo relevant to the vocal Melody, the featured component of a Song, with all else being accompaniment, also called 'arrangement', can make the whole Song work better. 

Once the guitarist explored playing the Melody they could embellish, innovate, stray from it ininteresting ways without totally abandoning it, or distracting from the main, featured Melody of the vocal. Those innovations, relative to the vocal Melody, can be quite impressive to the listener, memorable, admired. They recognize that relevance, 'get it', and remember the words it echoes, enhancing effectiveness of the Lyric to 'hook 'their attention, maybe to keep them singing as the Song ends.

Despite 1,000's of years of Songwriting humans have not exhausted the possibilities. There will always be another Song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?


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