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27/12/2020 3:09 pm  


I have lots of songs that are full of imagery. I have all kinds of songs. It's very hard to demonstrate your songwriting ability with only one song. I suspected that whichever one I chose it would be the wrong one. But by the way, I have listened to some of MAB's songs and he doesn't really follow his own advice. 

Yes it's true, he said his criticisms were not aimed at me personally, but then why mention the silly girl who named her song "Yesterday?" Or the songwriters who unconsciously steal famous melodies? Or the ones who only write "poor me" victim songs?

I don't do any of that! All those criticisms were in answer to my original question, so of course he expected them to apply to me. 

We really should not aim our criticisms at people we have not yet heard. Or we have only heard one of their many songs. Getting hit with an avalanche of criticism feels bad, and it is not helpful if it isn't relevant to me and my songs.

Yes I did feel very slammed. Maybe since I don't know MAB I didn't realize he gives that same advice to everyone, whether he heard their songs or not.


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Posted by: @gavin

To be fair, Polly, your initial post was of a general nature, asking for advice on how to get people to listen to your songs, not a request for feedback on a particular song. MAB responded in a very general way, as he tends to do. I don't think he was taking aim at you or your songs in any way. I also disagree with his take on your song. The visual "show don't tell" method is one I totally agree with and usually try to follow, but there are other ways to write a song and sometimes just saying how you feel can work really well. Of course, it might be harder to write a lyric that sticks in the mind that way, because images tend to stick better than just declarations. Falling into a burning ring of fire is more memorable than being wildly in love. However, if the emotion feels real, it can be very moving. I liked your song. I didn't notice it here among all the seven pages of back and forth until now. Now, if you had posted it in the "Tune Topic" section.... 🙂

Now, does anyone have any advice for Polly regarding her original question? I offered one suggestion, but I'll admit it wasn't great. My Facebook musical advent calendar did get a few new listeners, but mostly those foolish enough to spend a few minutes with one of my songs are friends and family, so I'm not the best person to offer advice.

21 y/o girls in mini-skirts, prizes (mics-n-guitars) for annual participation, neon lights, free beer and wings on Wednesdays 🙂 


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