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Introducing me

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Hi from Coral. I'm part of Songtown and trying to write songs better. am a musician and singer and have a good memory for music. Play by note and ear. Music is my greatest joy and largest disappointment. Would like to keep it toward fully balanced on the joy spectrum  Glad to meet you.



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Welcome to the Junction, Coral. Nice to have you here. You will have noticed that it took a little while for your first post to appear. This is because first posts need moderation. It's an anti-spam thing. Future posts should appear straight away, although sometimes the second post also needs moderation - not quite sure why.

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Welcome. Carroll here. Lyric writer.

carroll kiphen

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Hello Coral, Welcome to Songwriter Junction, great to have you here.  You will find many fellow writers, musicians, and vocalists here.  Looking forward to seeing you in the forums.  Best wishes,

Speak soon


Music is an international language, say it with a song.

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Hello Coral, I'm Marc-Alan Barnette, or MAB here. Glad to have you around. I teach songwriting and performance out of Nashville. Out of curitosity, What are some of  your dissapointments in songwriting? Anything we can do to help?


Marc-Alan Barnette