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[Sticky] Forum Guidelines

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We don't have any rules at Songwriter Junction, but please bear the following guidelines in mind when interacting with others. Remember, we are here to help each other and make friends and connections along the way.

1. Just be nice. Before you post anything, think about how it will make others feel, just as you would if they were sitting opposite you. If you are offering criticisms or suggestions for a song or lyric posted by another member, keep your tone positive, even if you are pointing out significant weaknesses or suggesting major improvements. It makes all the difference, and the recipient is more likely to act on the advice. That should make everyone feel good ? 

2. The other side of the coin - if someone takes the time to offer advice or criticism, be appreciative. If you react defensively, you will get far less out of this forum. People will just say, "Why bother?" and stop responding.

3. No personal attacks. That kind of interaction makes nobody look good.

4. Be generous. If you post your own stuff asking for feedback, return the favor by offering feedback to others.

5. Have fun.