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Tascam 424 audio sample + process  


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18/02/2020 12:22 pm  

I was viewing a video on YouTube last year, when something in their "recommended" column caught my eye. 

The vid was called "Tascam 424 Recording Sample"...2 min. 9 secs. long.
I checked it out...it had drawn almost 20,000 views, 75 comment/questions & 136 "Likes" in its' years on the platform.
Naturally, I was diein' to know what everyone found so fascinating, so I clicked play.
Turns out, the video consisted of a single photo of a Tascam 424 + a snippet of home recording audio ...that was it!  
I read over the detail section, scrolled through the comments... found a few details about his process. 
I had a couple of questions myself so I posted them in the comment section & received a prompt reply. 
After conversing with the owner, my next thought was...DAMN! I could do something better than this!
So I gave it a shot  
Since his did so well, I borrowed his title and used a 424 cover shot, but that's where the similarity ends.
If mine gets half the traction his did, I'll be overjoyed.  

Comments are welcome.

*BTW for anyone wondering "how could he possibly remember all that detail after 20 years", the answer's simple.
I didn't!  
I kept very detailed notes (6 notebooks, top shelf)

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18/02/2020 7:38 pm  

Hmmmm, I don't know anything about the Tascam 424.  A few years back, I bought a Tascam DP-008EX, $179.00 + shipping, not a bad deal I guess, when it arrived I opened it up, marveled at how cool it looked, then jumped into the 91 page, (all small print), owners manual.  After a month or so of practicing with it, I recorded one of Carroll Kiphens lyrics "Hello Heartbreak" that I wrote the music for, turned out to be 25 mb, just guitar and vocal.  I had to down load it to my laptop then run it through an Ap to get an mp3 version before I could send it to Carroll.  Honestly I wasn't real impressed, and since then, I have gone back to using my Olympus VN-6200 PC voice recorder to make very basic, no frills, no bells or whistles sound bytes to share with co-writers, collaborators, and any interested fellow site members, 1 track playing guitar and singing, between 600 - 900 kb.  Lately I've been researching the "Presonous Audio Box 96" audio interface pre loaded with the "Presonous Studio One Artist" DAW, which comes with an M7 large diaphragm condenser mic, and a set of HD7 studio monitoring headphones, (seems like a good deal @ $199.95 Sweetwater Music).  I don't need much for the type of recording I do.  There are plenty of tutorials on UTube for this and other Presonous DAW's.  Best wishes,

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