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Gary E. Andrews
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"Yippee Yi Yo" puts the western back in country & western, the story of an unlikely cowboy who meets cowgirl and helps her drive her cattle out of Texas, probably to the railhead in Kansas. Then finds out he can't get paid unless he goes to San Jose, California. Lots of conflict in the movie in my head! Makes me want to write the screenplay! One of the several trails they used was "The Goodnight Loving Trail". My story would just absolutely have to use that! The Song was inspired by Glen Close in the movie "Mazzy". She's an aspiring actress who comes home one day excited about a movie role she has gotten and says, "They've got a real cowboy to train me and everything!" Funny where inspirations can come from. www.garyeandrews.com

Yippee Yi Yo 3:45
1. Over The River Tonight
© March 20, 2000 by Gary E. Andrews
All Rights Reserved for the Globe

G 32OOO3 
? XOO21O (Don't know the name of the chord!)
C X32O1O 
? XO3213 
? X32O13 

(Verse 1) 
She said she was lookin' for a cowboy. 
She asked me if I could play that part. 
She said, "If you're gonna play it, Play it now boy." 
I decided to start, 

(Chorus Refrain) 
Singin' Yippie Yi, Yippie Yi, Yippie Yi Yo.

Yippie Yi, Yippie Ki Yi, Yippie Yi Yo oo-oo-oo. 

(Verse 2) 
She said she was havin' a sweet dream, 
then woke up with a broken hear-art. 
She said, "If you're gonna meet me, Meet me halfway." 
I said, "I met ya halfway from the start." 

We drove those doggies : out of Texas. 
She swore she'd pay me in Santa Fe. 
She said, "Is it a problem, us bein' opposite sexes?" 
I told 'er, "We'll find out on the way, 
Singin' Yippie Yi, Yippie Yi, Yippie Yi Yo. 
Yippie Yi, Yippie Ki Yi, Yippie Yi Yo-oo-oo-oo.

(Verse 3) 
Then it just seems we drifted a-par-art.

I wondered if I'd ever, See her a-gain. 
I wondered if she knew, She took my hear-art. 
Then, one day in Sacramento, 
She stepped out of a van, 
Singin' Yippie Yi, Yippie Yi, Yippie Yi Yo. 
Yippie Yi, Yippie Ki Yi, Yippie Yi Yo oo-oo-oo. 
We drove those doggies:
(Double dots : indicate to go back to where you first saw them.)


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Despite 1,000's of years of Songwriting humans have not exhausted the possibilities. There will always be another Song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you? www.garyeandrews.com

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Hi Gary, I really enjoyed this. You have a great voice for this kind of song and really hit the notes. Fun lyric too - even the bits that aren't actually words. I can imagine it going over really well live.

My only quibble is that it took me quite a while to get to it. It's not easy to scroll down using that player on your website. It's easy enough on a computer, but hard to do on a phone. I try to listen on my iPhone with headphones because I think the sound is better.

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