The Killer Within

The Killer Within  

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Jenny Stokes
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28/04/2019 10:03 pm  

Thanks Carroll.

I'm freshly back from holiday today so I've been going through my email this morning. When I got to John's email where this song was attached, I didn't get 30 seconds in before I had my idea. 10 minutes later the song was written. John didn't give me any direction with the song so I just went where my imagination took me -- a song about following the masses. Now, I've come to The Junction and read all these other ideas and I'm thinking I might have acted too quickly. Some great ideas in this thread. What to do, what to do?

Gary E. Andrews
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29/04/2019 7:32 pm  

I heard J. J. Cale telling of recording "Cocaine", playing each of three strings, one at a time, to get the distinctive riff, simple as it is. Master Evans, your layering is far more complex. And it works. You'd have to pick a part to play along with a recording to do a live show, but that could work too. And recorded music can travel further and faster than you ever need to, so keep exploring the possibilities. I was telling a girl on Linkedin Songwriters group to come here and listen to Evans & Stokes. Her work has similarities, I think.

John Evans
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29/04/2019 8:24 pm  

Wow thank you for the comments Gary and the support!!!
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