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Three Most Important Things: BMI's The Weekly  


Gary E. Andrews
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29/01/2020 6:02 am

Many times songwriters struggle with everything they think they need to do to advance their careers and they miss working on some of the very basic traits that most successful songwriters invariably seem to have. We asked Leslie Roberts, Creative – Nashville and Brandon Haas, Creative – NY to weigh in on the three most important qualities. The good news is, they can all be learned! Here’s what they agreed on:

  • Patience. Things don’t happen overnight. It takes time to discover yourself as a writer and zero in on the specific strengths that you bring to the table (i.e. lyrics, melody, hook, chorus, etc.)
  • Work Ethic. Show up, be prepared and check your ego at the door.
  • Authenticity. Write what you know and feel, instead of trying to chase what’s on the radio. No one wants to hear something that’s already been done.

Despite 1,000's of years of Songwriting humans have not exhausted the possibilities. There will always be another Song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?


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