Amateur. Just write...

Amateur. Just write what comes to my heart, usually all in one go.  


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16/04/2020 5:46 pm  

Hey there, I just write to get the feelings out, mostly.  I have seen some great suggestions with improved lyrics on some music writing forums and finally thought I'd get the guts to put my stuff out to be taken apart, so that I can improve.

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16/04/2020 7:36 pm  

Welcome to the Junction, Royalestel. Nice to have you here. You will have noticed that it took a little while for your first post to appear. This is because first posts need moderation. It's an anti-spam thing. Future posts should appear straight away, although sometimes the second post also needs moderation - not quite sure why.

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16/04/2020 8:02 pm  

Define amateur lol... Welcome to the Junction! Dive in  🙂


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