"When Country Had A...

"When Country Had A Face"  


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"When Country Had A Face"
That old black n white didn't always have a good picture most the time it rolled outta place,
but Daddy somehow fiddled to keep it goin, back when country had a face
There was Porter in his Nudie suits, Ernest in his Texas boots,everybody you recognized,
Loretta and the Carter clan, Johnny the singin fisherman, back when country had a face 

Every Saturday night you brought em to your household, some were even sellin merchandise ,
they made ya laugh and put your hands together and some of their sad songs made ya cry-yyy

There was cousin Minnie from Grinderswitch,the Statler brothers in perfect pitch, Jones 's song about a horse race,
little Jimmy Dickens with his big guitar,Marty Robbins in from racin cars, back when country had a face,  not like these new times outta place, back when country had a fa---ce
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