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Mama's Story Book From Heaven ~ Looking for music and singer ~ THANKS !!!!!!!!!  


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Mamas Story Book From Heaven

When I was a little lad Mama read me stories.
And when it came to bedtime it was a pleasure.
Mama would get her story book from heaven
She would tell a story every night.
I just loved to hear them all.

I couldn't wait for story time to come around.
She would read from the story book from heaven.
The first story was about Adam and Eve
And how the World was created.
I was in awe when I that.

I remember the story of David and Goliath.
Goliath was a giant but David slew him.
He just picked up three stones and the giant fell down.
I always enjoyed mama reading from
The story book from heaven.

Then there was one about Daniel in the lions den.
I think that one was my favorite back then.
I was always asking mama to take that book down.
But mama said no only at bedtime so I had to wait.

I couldn't wait for mama to get that book down.
It was always a pleasure to her from the story book from heaven

(C) Copyright 2020 Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN)

(;Yrral Mallik Publishing:)

Larry G. Killam


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