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Facebook Don't Care ~ Looking for music and singer ~ THANKS!!!!!!!  


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09/04/2020 2:26 pm  

Facebook Don't Care

Do you ever wonder why facebook don't care.
All they care about is getting money for advertisement.
But you can take a flying leap.
Cause facebook don't care.

You ever get penalized for being three seconds too fast
For inviting a friend to a group.
You think they would care but they don't.
You ever complain to them waiting for a response.

Well don't hold your breath.
Cause facebook don't give a damn.
You ever have to leave your posts hanging.
Cause your penalised again for what ever reason
Well you just have to give up.
Cause facebook don't care.

Oh you have too many friends so guess what
You got it penalised again for whatever.

Why doesn't facebook become more friendlier
You guessed it facebook don't care

(C) copyright Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN) April 9th 2 P.M.

(;Yrral Mallik Publishing;)


Larry G. Killam


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